Food Allergy Form Please fill this form out and take to your child's doctor if your child has a life threatening (anaphylactic) reaction to a particular food or foods.

Sports Physical Form Athletes must have a current sports physical on file with the school nurse.  Physicals are good for 24 months from the date of the last physical. Please turn in the physical form to the school nurse, not to a coach.

Medication Permit Medications are given in school only when a student's health and attendance is contingent upon the receipt of medication during school hours. Most medications that are to be given three times per day can be given at home. All medications must be approved by the school nurse. Please see the medication tab for more information.

Fall Health Form This form is filled out the first week of school each year. If your child has had a significant change in their health status, feel free to fill out a new form at any point in the year and send it to the school nurse. Please note on the form that this is a change.